Enrii Mart

Artist Bio

Performing under the stage name EnriMart, Juan Enrique Martinez is a 21-year-old singer, songwriter and producer. He categorizes himself as an Alternative Pop artist. He began his career at the age of 16 producing songs. By 18, EnriMart started singing and songwriting. 
Though he was raised in Toronto, EnriMart’s Latin heritage is apparent in his music. He is influenced by Rock, Latin music, Rnb and Electronica. EnriMart brings together these genres to create an eclectic and alternative sound that has never been heard before. Each of his songs provides a unique experience. EnriMart is a visionary who spreads love and happiness to the world through his music.

Enrimart's music is heavily influenced by his life. He prefers to take a healing approach to the creation of his music. This has led him to touch on topics regarding trauma healing and the need for unity.

Data and Metrics

Key Stats:

  • 25 thousand total streams on Spotify

  • 50% Spotify fan conversion rate

  • 350 Spotify listeners a month

  • 8,000+ views on 'Ballroom' music video


Ever since the release of his debut EP ‘Summer Love Soundtrack’, EnriMart has been consistently growing in followers and streams. On the Spotify platform, EnriMart had 43 followers on July 19th 2019. With a consistently increasing fanbase, EnriMart has now surpassed 165 followers. This growth has led to 25 thousand overall streams on the platform and a Spotify fan conversion rate of 50%. Fan conversion rates are calculated by dividing the number of followers the artist has by the number of monthly listeners. The conversion rate shows the percentage of people that the artist is effectively capturing and turning into fans. This means that EnriMart is effectively capturing 50% percent of the audience that has listened to his music.

The growth and engagement is also seen on his music video for his single “Ballroom”. Currently, the music video has over 8,000 views, 468 likes and 137 comments. Additionally, EnriMart has reached 269 subscribers on Youtube.

Audience Demographic 

Key Stats:

  • 72% of listeners are male

  • 43% of listeners are between the ages 18-22

  • 34% of listeners are between the ages 23-27

EnriMart's fanbase is predominantly male. More specifically: 72% of the listeners are male, 23% are female and 5% are not specified.

EnriMart's target age group ranges from the ages 18 - 27. More specifically: 43% of listeners are 18-22 years old and 34% of listeners are 23-27 years old.


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A song about the need for unity

  • Spotify
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A song about a perfect moment

Video Content

Ballroom Music Video

enrimart shows the visuals to his single 'ballroom'

The Story of Ballroom

enrimart goes in depth on the production behind his single ballroom

Contact Information and Social Media

Email: enrimartmanagement@gmail.com

Instagram: enrimartmusic

Twitter: enrimartmusic

Youtube: EnriMart