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The Message

This soft rock song titled ‘Will We Evrr’ is composed of a guitar instrumental and a vocal track. The minimalism of the music helps emphasize the message of the lyrics. The main theme of this song is ‘change’. More specifically, the idea that we need to change the way we live our lives in order to survive on this planet. Lyrics like “Life keeps hurting on life, and the reason why seems to be so out of mind”, helps communicate that we are hurting each other for inadequate reasons (like greed or hate). In the chorus the lyrics ask a very important question: “will we ever love? Will we ever love, for us?”. This is something that everyone needs to ask themselves. By leaving it open ended the listener can answer these question themselves. Hopefully, the questions will evoke a series of thoughts that can lead to the realization of the need for change. As a society we need to shift the way we think to keep our planet healthy. In the second half of the song the texture of the music changes. This shows the listener that change is possible. All we have to do is spread the message. Can you help spread the message?

How You Benefit

Music can be one of the most powerful ways to spread a message to the public. The message of ‘Will We Evrr’ aligns with the message that Patagonia has communicated to the world through the brand’s values and activism. By being a part of this collaboration your brand has the opportunity of supporting an artist who can musically deliver this message for you. Music has the strength to evoke powerful emotions from the listeners. Music can lead to people feeling motivated to advocate for a better world. Most importantly, your brand will be at the forefront of this message. Aligning your company with EnriMart can be a way for Patagonia to once again tackle the issues of the world. Additionally, communicating to the public that Patagonia supports the song’s message can lead to an increase in brand reputation and sales. 

The Goal

The goal is to communicate the message of ‘changing the world through love’ to as many people as we can. For this we need: 

  • A budget for a music video shoot. This would help us create the best visuals to attract listeners. The more listeners we can attract the better this message could spread. 15,000 dollars would be the minimum budget for us to be able to create a high quality video.

  • Patagonia clothing. The clothing would be used for the music video shoot and will assure the viewers that Patagonia is aligned with the message of the song. Additionally, we can organize an Instagram giveaway which would help raise awareness to the message that is being communicated.

  • A budget for marketing. Online marketing will help us reach a large number of users. 20,000 dollars will help us reach the desired audience.

Contact Information and Social Media

Email: enrimartmanagement@gmail.com

Instagram: enrimartmusic

Twitter: enrimartmusic

Youtube: EnriMart